Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Family Day at the Fair

Lindsey, Chloe and Jeff recently took advantage of the beautiful weather and made the trip to Governor's Island for this summer's antique carnival installation Fete Paradiso. With gorgeous French antique rides and games and a bevy of performers, a family day at this fair is an unforgettable experience!

Chloe's favorite ride - without a doubt - is the "neigh neigh" carousol horse ride...she has a natural affinity for horses.

I loved the vintage games and old rides on display that were not working but beautiful to look at. Not to mention the charming setting of Governor's Island - yes, as a New Yorker this was my first time, but definitely not the last!

I also recommend packing a lunch, as the food was overpriced and not so delicious. There are picnic tables to sit at or you can find a private spot any where on the island. We had a wonderful day at Fete Paradiso! 

The traveling carnival packs up September 29th - if you are in the New York area, it's absolutely worth the trip! Click below to learn more.

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