Thursday, January 3, 2013

Favorite Things - Featured Moms! Now Introducing Vicky Barone

When you become a mother, you end up meeting a lot of other moms - especially when you live so close to Central Park! Lindsey's gotten to know and admire so many other mothers since Chloe joined the family - and received such great advice on all aspects of how to raise a happy and healthy little one - that it seemed a shame to hoarde all this new knowledge, so we've decided to share.

We'll be profiling some incredible moms - you know, the kind of lady with a sparkle in her eye, kids who seem to be perpetually smiling, a home that should be (or is!) in a magazine and a career that makes you a little green with envy. If this is you - or someone you know - tell us about it!

We are delighted to begin this series with Vicky Barone, an artist and illustrator who designs greeting cards for our go-to card shop Papyrus-Recycled Greetings. Her artwork is also featured on stretched canvases and ornaments produced by Oopsy Daisy - take a look at the Owl print link below to see her work! Additionally, Vicky has a wonderful blog filled with inspiration and fun projects for the little ones -



1. CLEK Olli Booster Seat | 2. Q Collection Stella Stackables on | 3. EvenFlo ExerSaucer® Jump & Learn™ Jam Session | 4. OWL PERCH Canvas Wall Art on - Artist : Vicky Barone

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