Friday, June 29, 2012

The Laundress Is Now Working With Baby Buggy

Gwen and Lindsey have recently begun working with the New York based nonprofit Baby Buggy, which is "dedicated to providing families in need across the U.S. with essentials for their children aged 0-12." By offering both products and services to parents in need of assistance, Baby Buggy provides both immediate and long term support to thousands of families every month.

Yesterday, Lindsey sat down and told us a little about the partnership...

The Laundress recently teamed up with Baby Buggy, how did you find out about the organization?
I found out about this organization online as I was looking for a place to donate some of my daughters things that we no longer needed. I was intrigued and thought, 'We can help!'

What does that partnership entail and how did it come about? 
We are now the dedicated washing service and detergent partner for Baby Buggy - every month we wash donated items designated by Baby Buggy as a way of volunteering our time, resources and products to their organization.

You just finished your first round for them, how was the experience? 
It was great, the items that people have donated are incredible and now they look like new after being washed with The Laundress detergents. It was especially emotional for me as a new mom- I know how much these items will be appreciated by the mothers and families they are going to.

What does the future hold for the Laundress and Baby Buggy team? 
We look forward to growing and expanding our relationship with Baby Buggy but for now we want to wash as much as possible so all the items are fresh and clean for the next child. We are not only cleaning the items but helping to preserve them by proper washing care to keep them around longer-helping as many children as possible.

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