Monday, April 18, 2011

Washing A Child's Apron

Gwen found the cutest children’s apron in her attic.  It was with her grandmother’s linens so she wanted to clean it up and send it to her cousin, for the next generation.  Since it was old and not properly stored, there was some work to be done…but that’s not a problem with The Laundress products!

Tools You Need:Stain Solution, All-Purpose Bleach Alternative, Whites Detergent, and of course lots of hot water!


Especially with vintage items, pre-treating and soaking is key. The first couple of soaks are very short because the water gets so dirty right away. Rinse well and repeat until it can soak a while in a clean bath.
Once she was pleased with the results, Gwen machine washed the apron on delicate cycle using our Mesh Bag, Whites Detergent and hot water.

*Note - do not use the dryer for vintage textiles, instead hang or lay flat to dry.  Always press while the item is damp too.

Now little Lauren is ready to play!

Click here to view our full recipe on washing Antique and Heirloom textiles.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beckel Storage Collection

Gwen and I searched high and low for storage items that were 100% cotton, however everything we found was synthetic, made with cardboard, plastic and treated with toxic chemicals. Once again we set out to make our own. From everyday Storage Cubes to long term Storage Bags...we have it!

Check out our new storage collection made of 100% cotton canvas in the USA.

I love my new Storage Cube which I had monogrammed for Chloe. I can store everything from clothing, blankets to toys and stuffed animals. They are lightweight, soft and free of synthetic materials which makes them kid friendly for her to have access to as well.

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