Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lindsey’s Diaper Bag Picks...

Gucci Messenger Diaper Bag - $870

This one even your husband can pull off…well, your metro sexual husband like mine.  It is a perfect match with our navy stroller.  No washing for this bag, but definitely spot cleaning and the inside is nylon so that is water-friendly.

Felix Rey Toys & Trinkets Eco-Diaper Bag - $360
Love, love this bag!  I saw it hanging on my friend’s door of her newborn’s room and the search began. 100% cotton which means 100% washable - great for this spring/summer.  It has a really convenient detachable pouch that can be used in place of your wallet.  It also comes in black nylon.

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Edition - $54

I got this for my brother and he loves this because it looks more like a messenger bag than a baby bag. The navy colored one is great too. You can spot clean these bags or throw in the washing machine - no dryer.
Please note: prices were accurate at time of posting.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maternity Clothing Tips and Tricks

Dreading the maternity section?  Can’t find anything you like?  Color, where is the color?  Why is everything so drab?  
I am 34 weeks pregnant and counting so I wanted to share a few things about maternity clothing that I have learned along the way. I really didn’t want to invest a lot on maternity clothing, but knew I had to buy new clothing to fit my “new body.” I found that maternity clothing was not cheap, but cheap looking, outdated and definitely not cute!  So I hit the sale racks (since everything is on sale) and bought bigger sizes. It was much more fun and I can wear a lot of things post-pregnancy.  There are a few items like maternity bras and bottoms that you can’t avoid, but I will help you navigate below...

Blouses and Dresses
Try brands like Tucker and Joie - they offer a lot of loose-fitted styles such as silk tops, dresses and blouses which is great to transition with a belt in the beginning months and then no belt in the later months. I also love stretchy fabrics like viscose jersey which you can wear as your belly gets bigger.
(note - all images link directly to products)

  Knit Tops

Tank tops from the Exhilaration brand at Target are affordable and versatile.  Buy 1 size larger if you are petite or if you are taller, go with 2 sizes larger so they are longer and can grow with your belly. These can be so cute layered underneath your own blazers and sweaters.

A Pea in the Pod has great basic long sleeve tops that are long enough to wear with leggings and I love these tanks which come in a variety of colors from J.Crew. 
Cardigans, Cardigans, Cardigans
Over-sized long cardigans are in style so take advantage of this. They are great for your entire pregnancy and perfect with leggings.  I love mine from Comptoir des Cotonniers which is a French line that just recently came to the US.  Bloomingdales has a great shop in shop too. So many designers have cardigan sweaters these days, so finding something cute in a price point that works for you, shouldn’t be hard to find.
Blazers and Faux Fur Vests
I love these because you can wear and buy your normal size and layer over a tank top or blouse that is not necessarily your normal size. Such a great way to spice up your look. 

I can’t get enough of these. The maternity ones are great as you begin to show and I recommend the ones with the belly cover as they are very comfortable. Get a size bigger than normal. You can wear your regular leggings for a majority of your pregnancy - just test them out. The waist will fit under your belly instead of over like we are use to.

Definitely worth investing in a few maternity jeans, but only with the flap over the belly as the ones that have the elastic band can put unnecessary pressure on your bladder and be uncomfortable as you grow. You will find that the jeans without the flap will fall down on you in the beginning and you will be constantly fixing them. I did use a belly band to hold up my normal size jeans in the beginning, but that didn’t last for a long time and I always felt like my pants were falling down and it was sloppy.

I love the GAP maternity tank tops with a built in bra - you may find yourself buying your normal size, but I recommend sizing up again for length and longevity throughout your pregnancy. A Pea and the Pod have great bras that are comfortable. Avoid underwires as they can be very uncomfortable as you get bigger. Camisoles with the support are comfortable and needed from the beginning of your pregnancy.

Sports Bras
Ugh, my biggest issue! I highly recommend short sports bras and you will have to get a bigger size - I am normally a small, but wear large now. The short ones are more comfortable as they longer ones can be too tight on your growing belly.  I like the fashion cami sports bra by Champion at Target because the price is right and they have great support for running and walking. Avoid bras with zippers as you could wake up one morning and not be able to zipper it – it’s definitely best to have ones that stretch and have room. I also love the Ta-Ta Tamer from Lululemon, but they are more expensive.
Work-out Pants
I love my pants from Hard Tail - they have a fold over flab that can fit over your belly as you need it. I have been wearing my normal size so it is worth the investment of a new pair. You will definitely use them after your baby is born. They are really comfortable for lounging as well. worth investing into 2-3 pairs if you are working out a lot or just want to be comfortable. 

Be careful with buying new shoes as your foot size changes throughout pregnancy. I do recommend Converse and Uggs as they are easy to get on and off and are comfortable for your feet. I love my black Jack Purcells from J. Crew and of course in all this snow my Uggs and Aigle rain boots. Don’t wear the same shoe every day as this can cause lower back pain. It’s recommended that you switch up your shoes throughout the week. Long story short, you need a shoe with room so no tight heels or riding boots regularly. I still wear them, just not every day.
I’ve found that putting on a fun necklace or bangles with a basic white t-shirt and blazer will make you feel good and add to any outfit. I have one from H&M that I love. I like these two from Bergdorf Goodman.

Washing Tips
Of course there is always a washing tip or two from The Laundress! :)

Do not put maternity items in the dryer. You want to avoid shrinkage at all costs, so you get the most wear out of them as possible. I recommend using a cold wash and/or hand washing with The Laundress Delicate Wash. For denim, use The Laundress Denim wash and definitely hang to dry.
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