Friday, July 15, 2011

Washing a carseat with The Laundress

Jessica tries to stick to her rule of no eating or drinking in the car, but with two little boys that doesn’t always happen.   Unfortunately, the spills and crumbs in the car seat were making for a sticky and stinky situation.  Jessica was just about ready to throw the car seat away when she thought that washing with The Laundress was probably a cheaper alternative.

While her 1 ½ year old son was taking his afternoon nap, Jessica and her 3 ½ year old “assistant” Wyatt, removed the detachable pieces from the car seat. Her only advice is to make sure you pay close attention to how each piece attaches to the base of the seat, this will be important when it comes time to reassemble… “We removed them without taking note of how they were connected…Oops!”

Vacuuming the seat was the first step to be rid of all crumbs and petrified cheerios!

After crumb removal, Wyatt gave the chair a good scrubbing with our Surface Cleaner!

Jessica allowed the straps and harness buckle to soak in the All Purpose Cleaning Concentrate.  

While the straps were left soaking, Jessica and her assistant :) pre-treated the stained cover and comfort padding cover with Stain Solution and a Stain Brush.

After pre-treating the cloth cover and padding, she laundered in the washing machine with Baby Detergent and All Purpose Bleach Alternative on a delicate hand wash cycle.

 After laundering and scrubbing, to prevent shrinkage all pieces were laid out to dry overnight.

Once all the pieces were completely dry Jessica was able to re-assemble the seat.

Below are the end results…

This is the second time Jessica washed her son’s carseat with The Laundress products… “It’s so easy; my next naptime project will be his stroller.

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