Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cleaning Antique/Heirloom Linens

Washing Antique Linens*
*this process is for cotton and linen only synthetic and silk may need different treatment.
Lindsey has been washing and treating lots of vintage linens from her family textiles.

They have been turning out amazingly well...see below how to treat textiles from tablecloths to christening gowns.


-Prepare a bath of hot water with The Laundress Bleach Alternative. Add at least 2 capfuls depending on size of soaking basin.

-Apply Stain Solution directly on the stained areas - plunge textile into bath. Soak and sit for about 20 minutes. The first bath is the shortest as you will want to dump it out to remove the very dirty water and repeat with a clean bath.

-Repeat 1 or 2 more times until satisfied. Soaking longer each time is good too.

-Launder after with the appropriate detergent - Whites or Signature.
*we do not recommend using fabric softener or other products with the pieces.

*Do not starch if you are planning on storing again (a lot of the stains and damage you are removing is from the old starch.)

-Hang to dry, do not use the dryer.

-Press while damp.



1 comment:

  1. I am impressed by the bunny-blanket/cloth.
    I will pick up my first set of The Laundress goodies tonight and am already really excited to experience the Stain Solution. And upgrading the kitchen with the lovely bottles at the same time!


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